CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 8/13/18 to 8/19/18

Monday: Starting our week off with some heavy lifting. You’ll have the opportunity to build to a heavy single for the day with the option to try for a pr depending on how the body is feeling. You’ll finish out the day with a sprint like workout to get your heart rate up. Tuesday: Playing around on the agility ladder to get warmed up today before getting into a shortened version of the triples 3s. Bring your jump rope and running shoes today! Wednesday: More strength work to start the day off with a squat variation. Finishing the day off with a longer, challenging AMRAP. You’ll work through high repetitions of a couplet that will be all about pacing. Thursday: Back to strength work building to a heavy single with a press variation. Your workout will be a spicy variation of the hero workout DT. Get ready to cycle a barbell and then move your own boys quickly. Friday: Lots of glute activation and accessory work to start off our Friday. We will finish out the day with a fast and heavy couplet combining strength and power. Saturday: Beginning our weekend with gymnastics strength before closing out the day with a sprinting team workout.]]>

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