Upcoming Event : Weekend of Yoga Workshops 4/29-4/30

We will be hosting the wonderful Hannah Gruber the last weekend of April for a series of yoga workshops. Here is a little information on Hannah:

Hannah Gruber is a New York City based yoga educator, Ayurvedic chef, and clairvoyant. Hannah’s teaching method aims to achieve ease in movement and living through deliberate and thoughtful effort. Passionate about creating body-positive spaces, Hannah’s distinctive teaching blends the tradition of yoga with her many passions to help students become confident and strong in body and mind.Her classes and workshops integrate practical tools from current science and biomechanics alongside yoga philosophy and subtle body knowledge, Ayurveda, and intuition.

And here are the workshops she will be leading us through in April!

Hips: The Full Scoop – Everything you ever wanted to know about Opening Your Hips

  • A lot of Yoga focuses on getting more flexible and open hips. But what does this really mean, and how can you do it safely while getting the most benefit? Whether you are squatting, jumping, deadlifting, taking stairs, hiking, carrying groceries or driving a car, we all need hip mobility to be at our strongest, and to prevent injury and pain. This workshop will teach you what you don’t already know about hips: and show you very simple techniques for getting the most out of your stretches. Added bonus: the techniques you will learn in this class also help improve your relaxation response, so you will feel both calm and open. 
  • Friday 4/29 6:30-7:45pm
  • Price – $25

***Sign up HERE for Hips Workshop ***

Arm Balances: Skills, Drills and Hot Gossip – Everything you never knew you needed to know about arm balances.

  • This playful workshop will teach you skills and drills to improve your arm balancing technique: what they’re good for, how to practice them safely, how to use props to support you, and strategies for “taking the leap”. You may be surprised to learn that hip strength and flexibility are two key ingredients to learning these dynamic postures. Whether you are just beginning an arm balance practice or whether you land in crow naturally whenever you fall (lol!), you are sure to come away with some hot tips and new insights. 
  • Saturday 4/30 10:30am-12:30pm
  • Price – $35

***Sign up HERE for Arm Balance Workshop ***

You can also sign up for both the hip and arm balance workshop for $50 HERE

Yoga From the Inside Out: Inclusive Anatomy – for yoga teachers only

  • Learn to think creatively and strategically to better support your students and make your yoga teaching more inclusive. In your 200-HR, you probably learned basic anatomy, and the “dos” and “don’ts” of teaching yoga safely. However, when you get in front of real students, you soon realize that everyone’s body is different, and that yoga poses are not necessarily One-Size-FIts-All. This is particularly meaningful when we want to introduce poses like arm balances and hip openers to our students–poses that are as powerful as they are potentially risky. This workshop is designed to help you understand how to teach these categories of postures in ways that are interesting, challenging, and meaningful to your students, while also remaining accessible. 
  • Saturday 4/30 3:00-6:00pm at 916
  • Inquire for pricing details and how to sign up for this workshop by reaching out to marta@myriadfit.com