Upcoming Event : May Be Fit Challenge May 2nd-May 27th

Join us for a 25-day habit building challenge! Every day, you will receive an email early in the morning with your challenge for the day geared towards improving your fitness, wellness, and mindfulness challenges to help you practice self care. You will learn a little

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Upcoming Event – Spring Attunement 5/15

**Sign Up Here** An afternoon to explore ourselves in the season of Spring. Through asana and pranayama we will practice rooting down into the nurtured soil as we grow upwardly towards the light. The practice of polarities is to keep bringing ourselves into the middle.

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Upcoming Event : Weekend of Yoga Workshops 4/29-4/30

We will be hosting the wonderful Hannah Gruber the last weekend of April for a series of yoga workshops. Here is a little information on Hannah: Hannah Gruber is a New York City based yoga educator, Ayurvedic chef, and clairvoyant. Hannah’s teaching method aims to achieve

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Upcoming Event : Acro Skills Series : Starts 4/17

**Sign up HERE** A six-week series focusing on building basic skills and concepts of Acro. Learn dynamic movement incorporating elements from gymnastic, CrossFit, cheerleading and yoga! Take time each week to break down movement and learn new sequences and combinations, build confidence and and advance

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Upcoming Event : Yoga Nidra April 3rd

**Sign Up HERE** Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a gentle way to move into a deep state of rest. Different from meditation, yoga Nidra actually encourages a sleep-like state, a place of deep healing – where mind and body are at rest, but consciousness

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Upcoming Event : Just One Thing: Healthy Habit Workshop

**Sign up here** This course is a fine-tuning of your daily, rituals, routines and habits. Rather than focusing on elimination and what we are doing “wrong,” we will work on finding areas that we wish to add more – in alignment with our individual needs

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Upcoming Event : Intramural Open Starts 2/25

**sign up HERE** The Open is a series of workouts programmed by Crossfit HQ and released every Thursday night at 8pm EST starting February 24 for three weeks. The Intramural Open is our way of bringing a little more friendly competition and social connection to

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