Holiday Week Schedule


July 3rd: We are cancelling the 7pm. Everything else runs as scheduled.

July 4th: Only open from 9:30am-12pm – HERO WOD Day. Open Gym

July 5th: NO 6am. Cancelling Fundamentals

Introduction/Beginner Class will be as scheduled!

strength: Sumo Stance Dead lifts: 5×5 at 88% 1rm conventional DL. WOD: 12 min AMRAP partner goblet squat ladder (24kg/16kg) So partner 1 does a rep, then partner 2 does a rep Then Partner 1 does 2 and partner 2 does 2. Then Partner 1 does 3 and partner 2 does 3 etc. keep going up for 12 min to see how many you can get.   Post-12 Turkish Get Ups ]]>

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