Member Joe Stuckey Talks about Paleo

Crossfit Naptown,

I’m extremely satisfied with my results of the Paleo Challenge, however I had an extremely good time getting that classic before-picture-look.  Many enjoyable hours of beer drinking and pie eating helped me have the December to Remember, which actually started in December 2010- about the time I started to work from home and on the road. The toughest part of the challenge was getting rid of the sugar, especially pie.  I woke-up on day four of the competition at night in a cold sweat, which I believe was my body missing the sugar.  I have two roommates and I couldn’t throw their groceries away, so I was constantly surrounded by these sugary foods.  These two roommates enjoyed harassing me with their choice in food, which are likely the exact same food choices of stoned eight-year-olds all across the United States of America.  After day 6 or 7 my cravings were pretty much gone. The highlights of doing the Paleo Challenge for me was the intense focus I had for work.  I could get into a work-flow and be able to accomplish more.  I racked up a fair amount of designated driver points.  I forgot that without a hangover I can have productive Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Long story, but I even got to explain this diet to an Amish waitress at an Amish restaurant as the “Adam and Eve kinda diet.”  Also, I now look at corn-fed women differently. Anyways, I’m 80/20 hooked on this. Don’t trust my commas, Joe Stuckey  

Overall Weight Loss (%) – Joe Stuckey Starting Weight- 223.4 Ending Weight – 205.4 Weight Loss – 18 Percentage Weight Loss – 8.06%

(In just 25 days) Congratulations again Joe S. on such fine results.   TODAY’S WORKOUT A quick, little story about today’s workout. A year ago I was living in the Virgin Islands and caught the bug of CrossFit after Peter decimated me in a handful of WODS while visiting. It was a humbling moment that we have all experienced in the realm of CrossFit in one way or another. I soon began to follow the programming of CF Chicago and within my first week came across this beauty of a workout. I’m not certain which coach at CF Chicago to credit for this workout. But it is dear to my heart as it was the first CrossFit workout I ALMOST QUIT. I had every opportunity to walk away from this workout. I had to do the wall climbs in the basement, use a 70lb dumbbell as a kettlebell, then ascend two stories of stairs to do Knees to Elbow. If I recall correctly, I think I even called Peter mid-workout and asked if they really did this in class. His response… “Yeah, I was done in 24:23 (rough estimate)… it was a good workout, What did you think?” My response, “I’m in the middle of it and I’m dieing!” 52 Minutes and 21 Seconds later I was done and learned more during this workout than I ever thought I could from a workout. Never quit! Don’t let the mind trick you! WOD 5 Rounds (Time Cap 45 Minutes) 10 Wall Climbs 20 Goblet Squats 2/1.5 Pood 25 Knee To Elbow *If you complete this workout with time remaining in class please have a few skills in mind that you would like to work on.*]]>

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