NapTown @ Home 3/31/20

3 Rounds


  • 1:00 Plank
  • 1:00 Max Air Squats
  • :30 Rest
  • 1:00 Side Plank (:30 R/L)
  • 1:00 Max High Knees/Single Jumps/Row
  • :30 Rest


  • 1:00 Plank
  • 1:00 Max Goblet Squats
  • :30 Rest
  • 1:00 Side Plank (:30 R/L)
  • 1:00 Max High Knees/Single Jumps/Row
  • :30 Rest

You will work through 3 rounds of planking paired with squats and a cardio piece of your choice in today’s workout! The goal during the 1:00 holds will be to break as few times as possible in the 1:00 interval before performing max squats and, later in the round, a cardio piece of your choosing. This could be jump roping, running, rowing, biking, or simply high knees in place. Your score today will be the total number of squats accumulated.

You can scale this back by dropping your knees to the ground on your plank holds or by taking breaks within the minute.

The squats can be made easier by performing an air squat or squatting to a target to limit your depth.
This workout can be made more difficult by swapping a handstand in for the plank hold and floating your top foot in a side plank.

You can also add weight to your squats to make this one tougher.

If you have access to a jump rope, you could perform double unders instead of single jumps for more of a challenge.

Class Descriptions:

Fitness classes last around 45-50min! Classes are categorized as weighted vs. bodyweight.  You are welcome to join any class, whether you have equipment or not, but the coach will be leading the class based on the description listed. If the class is listed as bodyweight, then the coach will lead a warm-up and workout using no equipment. Weighted classes will be lead with the intention that all participants have a weight but you are able to modify to a bodyweight version on your own as needed (or vice versa). 

Specialty classes last 30 minutes and focus on a specific skill. Core class will be focusing on movements that help you to create a stronger midline. The mobility class will help you to get stretched out and fix your body after long periods of sitting. Buns and guns is an accessory driven class where we will focus on more isometric and targeted work to develop one muscle group at a time rather than using your whole body. Karate will be led by Richie and focusing on teaching some basics of karate. 

You can view the most up to date schedule and sign into class through Pike13!

All 4PM Public Fitness classes can be accessed here!

All 2:30PM Public Kids classes can be accessed here!

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