New Skill Today-1 arm OHS

Monday is Memorial day. The gym will ONLY be open from 10am-1pm. This means you must be DONE with your WOD by 1pm. It will be an OPEN gym format, meaning there is no scheduled class. Come in, get warmed up then tacke a Hero WOD It will be pick a Hero WOD.¬† We will have 3-5 different HERO WODs to chose from that Jared and Peter will have on the White Board. One of them will be Murph and it does take about 1 hour to complete, so plan accordingly. We will not be coaching any new skills, we will just be helping people complete their HERO WOD. If you have any questions please ask. Also, we ware working on the PALEO Results and hope to have them done by Friday. Stay Tuned! Don’t forget Artie is still cooking, there are Artie Paleo on the Go Meals in the Fridge, don’t undo all the Hard Work and gains you just made.

Today’s Workout

Strength: 3 x 10 One-Arm OHS with dumbbell or kettlebell WOD: 5 Rounds of: Run 400 m 50 Air Squats

ARCHIVE from January¬† – Click to Check Your Score from last time… POST YOUR SCORES!!!!


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