Paleo Challenge Contestants

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 12 Minute EMOTM (Every Minute on the Minute) Deadlift 85% of 1RM (must be good form approved by a Coach) 5 Hollow Rocks


Here are the details for the 2012 CFNT Spring Paleo Challenge.  The groups have been separated.  You have until this Wednesday to pay your $20 entry if you plan on competing for the final Prizes.

These are the names of all the individuals who came in to get measured and have pictures taken.  If I forgot your name or if I have you in the wrong category please email me at

Going for Gold”  22 members = $440 Total Prize Pool  ($220 Per Winner)

Name Paid
Liz G. X
Kim S. X
Merritt X
Andy M X
Josh F X
Nick S. X
Adam L X
Paige X
Rachel G. X
Dan G X
Veronica G X
Chad W X
Mike L X
Kate O. X
Stephanie X
Joe S X
Margie X
Eric G X
Mindy X
Leslie G. X
Jamie M X
Jeanne R

Here to Learn” 24 Members = Awesomely Eager Individuals!

Name Paid
Mike W.
Alex W.
Andrew B.
Adam C
Brian R.
Megan T
Megan C.
Eric M.
Megan M.
Mark F.
Dave P.
Josh M
Jenny M.
Margaret K.


*YOGA with Shannon at 7pm this Wednesday. Please send her an email at to reserve your spot.

*Fundamentals this Thursday will be ROWING!!! Many people need help with their rowing Technique. We’ve added 2 new rowers to the gym. We will have 14 spots available but will allow more to sit in and refine their technique.


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