Female: 1st Place: Stephanie Artnak = $260 Richer

2nd Place: Nikita Williams 3rd Place: Veronica Gabbard

Male: 1st Place: Chad Woodward= $200 Richer

2nd Place: Joe Stuckey 3rd Place: Andy Miller

We compiled results along with a panel of judges to come up with these Winners. Jared will be sending out emails to all of the contestants with your pre and post pictures on it. He has taken some quality time to put together a very nice picture sheet so you can all see your results. He should have these e-mails sent out to all of you by Monday mid-day. Congrats to all of you, now remember to stay with it. Paleo is a life style change. You all had tremendous results and it is important you stay with it over the course of the next… REST of your life!

If you did not receive your results here is why… A. You dropped off the bandwagon and did not finish the challenge. B. You did not get after pictures and measurements done. C. You do not have a legit email address on file with CrossFit NapTown (or your handwriting is such that Peter or Jared could not read it legibly and transfer it to our computers.)

*Prize Pool was divided up between Males and Females competing.  We deemed it unfair to weight the prize pool evenly when the females had more individuals to compete against. 13 Females = $260   10 Males = $200 DO NOT FORGET: Saturday try to carpool, walk, or ride a bike to the gym. We will have or normal parking spaces directly attached to the building, but we cannot use the surrounding parking lots due to the 500 Parade. Monday we will only be open from 10am-1pm as a HERO WOD open gym day.  We will have a few different HERO WODs to choose from. As with any CrossFit WOD all of these are scalable.  

Today’s Workout:

Agility Ladder Deadlift; 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (THIS MEANS 7 SUCCESSFUL attempts, not necessarily your one rep max. If you get to a weight you cannot achieve, then you drop back down to the next achievable weight. Weighted Pull Ups/Weighted Dips: 1-1-1-1-1-1 (if you cannot due a pull up or dip, use this as a time to work on them with assistance from a Coach, Partner, or band)]]>

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