Paleo Sampler Saturday – Saturday, January 28th

What: Paleo Sampler Saturday When: Saturday, January 28th (During, between, and after the 9:30/10:30 class) Where: CFNT Why: To expand your horizons. To show off your Paleo cooking skills and recipes you may have uncovered. This Event is for all members of CFNT even if you are not competing in the official CFNT Paleo Challenge which ends February 2nd.

Format: We will have buffet tables set up on the gym floor and all members who participate can add their dish to the table. Food can be brought with you to the 9:30am or 10:30am class and eaten before and after class times.

Rules: You can only participate in eating if you bring a dish. It’s only fair to all who take the time and money to prepare something to enjoy this event. (I’ll be a stickler on this one.)

Items: Food can range from Paleo comfort foods (brownies, apple muffins, homemade larbars) to post meal snacks to full out meals. You decide. If you are going to participate please let Peter or myself know what you plan to bring so we are A)prepared and B) we don’t have 3 of the same dishes (I hear Egg Cupcakes are to die for but I’m sure we don’t want 3 people to bring them in). You can also post to the BLOG TODAY and we can accumulate a list of things that people plan to bring.

50:10 50 Seconds of Work / 10 Seconds of Rest-Transition 3 Rounds Max Effort for each movement for 50 Seconds. Every Rep counts as a point Rope Climb (1 Ascent = 15 points : Each foot = 1 point) Wall Balls (20/14) GHD REST SPACE Dumbell Thrusters (30/20/10) Box Jumps (30/24) Row (Calories) REST SPACE Pull Ups Pistols NOTES: Wear Long Socks or Pants for Rope Climbs   Post – Mobility Hip Stretch]]>

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