Rest Day – So Let's Talk about Nutrition.

I was recently asked a very important question by CFNT newcomer Martin C. “Have you changed your diet since you’ve been CrossFitting?” I could only laugh with a huge grin.  Not to make Martin feel stupid but to emphasize that within the last year my diet and the foods I put in my body have taken a complete 180.  I constantly tell people that I wish I knew what I know now when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Long gone are the college days of eating Big Macs and Double Cheeseburgers from McDonalds after practice so we could get our protein.  Long gone are the days of french fries as my side!  Ask for the substitute (steamed veggies, salad, etc.) and fork up the extra .99 it costs to make the substitute.  I guarantee you won’t regret it. Just like everything else in life, the transition is not easy and should not be done cold turkey.  Slowly cut out the sugars and the fast food.  Make a conscious effort to cut back on the processed foods you eat.  If you need something fast, on the fly, find a Subway and load that puppy up with every vegetable possible (my favorite is the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast with everything colorful on it).  Not only will it be healthier, but you will be getting your monies worth as the Subway Food Specialist (lady making your sub) will have a tough time folding it over and cutting it in half.  I always love when they give me the dirty, “really, you are going to eat all these vegetables!”  Oh! and no sauce on that sub.  Cut out the fattening ranch, honey mustard, and all the other goodness they nearly force you to eat.  Instead, pay the extra $1.00 and get avocado on that bad boy to add flavor.  Its simple life style changes like these that will slowly allow you to see gains, that is of course if you continue to work hard physically in the gym. Another quick tip I’ve learned through the past year is the technique of grocery shopping.  The next time you go to the grocery store, I challenge you to stay out of the aisles (I’ll allow you to go in the aisle to pick up a case of water, but that’s it!)  Instead, stay only along the perimeter of the grocery store where you will find your freshest fruits, vegetables, and meats.  Skip the milk/dairy section as well.  Start substituting regular milk (1%, 2%, skim) with Almond Milk.  I honestly think it tastes better plus you will reap the benefits. If its processed, chances are its no good… so no aisles!!! Try to do a weeks worth of grocery shopping with just the food you buy on the perimeter and plan what you are going to eat on what days.  Many of the excuses of eating poorly come directly from poor time management.  So take an extra few minutes at night to prepare your meals for the next day, or at least to have a game plan of what you are going to eat.  It will reduce the stress of what to make and how to make it the day of, especially after a hard workout when you are ready and willing to eat anything. I will leave you with this from the CrossFit community… “Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.”  Follow this as closely as possible and you will feel better and see serious gains.  More on nutrition next week… Reply with comments and questions.]]>

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