Say hello to Marta, Myriad’s Yoga Program Coordinator!

Marta has been practicing yoga for the last 17 years, and through this practice, has come to find an intimate connection with her body and emotions, a vehicle for managing anxiety and stress, and ultimately, greater contentment within herself. She strives to share these benefits with others through her slow, focused style, and fine-tuning of postures. The goal of her teaching style is to lend autonomy and ownership of body, movement and thought to the student by encouraging introspection into the feelings and mechanics of the pose for each individual. Working to honor the roots of the practice, Marta loves to incorporate yogic philosophy, pranayama and meditation into her classes for a well-rounded class. She is always looking for new, interesting additions to keep her classes fresh and surprising. While she takes her teaching very seriously, she is never short of humor and smiles, believing that play and good humor is an important aspect of overall happiness.

Outside of the studio, Marta generally loves moving her body in many different modalities including fitness, dance, hiking and kayaking. She feels most herself when creating whether that be growing flowers and vegetables, sewing, cooking, painting, singing, or performance art. Basically, she enjoys everything and anything. She’s a regular at the 9am CrossFit class and her favorite class to teach is her Wednesday evening 5:15pm AlignStrengthWarm.

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