Twisted Fran

Shannon will be adding a new yoga class, but she wants your help on deciding the best day. Would you prefer a Saturday Yoga class, Tuesday Morning, or another weekday evening? Please let us know so we can make this happen.  

Today’s Workout:

Strength: Thruster 3-3-3-3-3 (moving up in weight in moderate intervals 5-10lbs, look for a challenging 3 reps. If the power clean becomes the limiting factor, you may come out of the rack.) WOD: Twisted Fran (CTB and running) 21 Thrusters (105/75) 21 chest to bar pull ups 400m run 15 Thrusters 15 CTB pull ups 400m run 9 Thrusters 9 CTB pull ups 400m run   Did you watch the 2012 Games Finals!!??? The last event was 3 ladies back to back to back. Elisabeth, Isabel, then FRAN! ]]>

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