VOTE ON YOUR CFNT SLOGAN… with your choice.  Just email the number to    And if you are a slacker, but think you can come up with something better or have something better send that along in the email too.   Our hopes are to have many T-Shirts out there as time goes by. Any questions email Coach Jared…

3.2.1… VOTE!!!

1. “Strength that conquers uncertainty” 2. Always Changing Always Challenging. Always CrossFit. 3. CrossFit NapTown… Wake your sleeping giant. 4. I don’t want a shortcut. I want a Challenge 5. Deadlifts and bacon… It’s what’s for breakfast. 6. Small Logo on the front and the attached picture on the back with our color scheme instead of red.  


Today’s classes will be unique in structure as we will be having a classroom atmosphere of Rowing Technique.  Coach Jared attended a rowing workshop hosted a few Saturday’s ago at CrossFit IndyShield and would like to share his knowledge with all the members in order to get the best out of each person… on the rower.  Do your best to attend.

There will be a WOD… but you have to come to find out!!!

[caption id="attachment_1173" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Grassroots Rowing... Martin C. and Christy S. rowing in the grass!"][/caption]



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