Weekly Programming Preview : 7/6/20-7/12/20

starting our week off with a bit of time on the pull up rig with some skill and core work before moving into your workout for the day. We will be taking on a couplet of running and squats in a spicy AMRAP.
starting our day out with posterior chain work for your strength piece on the day. We will close out the day with a triplet for time with a cardio movement and med ball movements.
back on the barbell today with some Olympic lifting technique work, focusing on the split jerk. You will close out the day with a descending ladder of floor pressing and bike calories.
more Olympic lifting work today, this time focusing on our ability to cycle the barbell efficiently. After that, we will move into a few TABATA series for a quick and spicy workout.
closing the work week out with a skill AMRAP to start the day and a grunt work type workout to finish out the day. We will be pairing weighted step ups and devil’s presses for a fun challenge to finish out the week.
starting the weekend off with a long AMRAP incorporating all sorts of kettlebell movements.

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