CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 10/2/17-10/8/17

Monday: We will begin the week off with some skill practice pairing up pulling strength with core work. The focus here will be on quality over speed. Our workout today is a spicy interval piece with 3:00 of work followed by 1:00 of rest for a few rounds of fun. See if you can stay consistent from start to finish! Tuesday: starting Tuesday off with more pulling work but this time with a barbell. We will transition from the strength work into more skill based work in an on the minute format that will turn into a max rep piece at the very end. Wednesday: starting hump day out with mobility to prep you for the rest of the day. Spending a lot of time on gymnastics positions today on the ground and on the rig or rings. That will lead us into the two workout to get your sweat on, featuring high level gymnastics and grunt work. Thursday: another rotating EMOM skill piece to start the day off. This time, focusing on glute activation and getting upside down. Our workout today will involve a heavy barbell and gymnastics. Be prepared for a heavy weight for YOU today as that is the true intent of the workout. Friday: today is your opportunity to retest your week 1 workout from the Fall Full Body Challenge! Be sure to take a second look at your week 1 score before coming in today so you know what you need to beat. Have fun and give this workout your best effort! Saturday: getting outside (weather permitting) while we still can with some heavy sled work before a long Saturday special. You will be doing a longer partner workout with synchronized movements! Have a fun and fit week!]]>