CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 1/22/18 – 1/28/18

registration is now live for this year’s event! We will be hosting our annual in house competition in preparation for the Open on February 3rd. This competition is perfect for all skill levels to test their fitness in a little more competitive environment while still staying within the comfort of our own community. You can sign up for the event here through your Pike 13 account. Monday: starting out the week with strength work incorporating pulling, squatting and pressing. We will close out the day with a partial retest of a 2015 open workout. Tuesday: we will begin the day with core work to help build into the workout today. You will be taking on a longer triplet mixing cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics. Wednesday: more strength work to get started, this time with pressing and some olympic weightlifting. The goal will be to work as heavy as possible while still maintaining proper technique. Finishing the day out with a cardio workout that will allow you to practice some new standards put forth by CrossFit HQ that we will likely see in the Open. Thursday: starting today with technique work focusing on overhead positioning and glute activation. Finishing the day out with a very open like test of mental toughness, working with a jump rope and a light weight barbell. Friday: Row’d Royalty week 3. Come in ready to row your hearts out. Saturday: taking on a classic CrossFit girl workout with a partner today. Grab a friend and get ready to have some fun. Have a fun and fit week!]]>