CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/5/18-2/11/18

Register for the Open here by February 18th to be a part of the Intramural Open Draft! Coaches Kylie, Nick, Kendra, and Meg will be leading up our Intramural teams this year. Monday: starting the week off with some focused squat mobility. We will move from there into a long AMRAP with light weights and body weight movements in true Open prep fashion. Tuesday: working through handstand and jump rope skills to start the day off. Use today’s skill time to work at your jump roping skill level. Finishing the day out with a couplet of handstand push ups and kettle bell swings. The format of the couplet will be entirely up to you! Wednesday: we will be taking on an old Open workout today that includes one of the most challenging movements in CrossFit, the muscle up. To prep for that, we will begin the day with skill work to make your muscle up more efficient, help you get that first one, or give you the tools to get there one day. Thursday: beginning our day with accessory work developing the core and posterior chain. Finishing the day out with interval work! Friday: We are closing the work week out with a strength piece with higher repetitions and the opportunity to work on barbell cycling. Your workout will be a quick couplet with high level gymnastics skills and moderate weight barbell cycling. Saturday: Hoping for warm weather today to tackle a main site workout including sit ups and some long distance running. If the weather does not work in our favor, we will stay inside with a row and bike option.]]>