CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/6/17-3/12/17

Monday: we are starting the day off with some heavier squatting at super low reps to get your central nervous system working. The heavy lift will be paired with an explosive movement to keep you moving fast through the lifts. The workout today is a twist on a classic girl wod. Bring your jump ropes! Tuesday: your strength today will be strength work for some and more of a mobility piece for others. Be patient as you learn the movement as it will be newer for some! Your workout today is all about gymnastics. You will have set number of reps to work through as fast as possible with a pause every minute to do another piece of work. Wednesday: your barbell portion of the day will be all about cycling reps as fast as possible and seeing how heavy we can get with that cycle time. You will finish the day off with a workout that puts that practice to work with another twist on a named workout. Thursday: your day will start out with some skill play on a kettle bell to get you moving before heading into the two different workout pieces. I encourage those doing the Open to come in and do this as a shake out day with mobility sprinkled in throughout. If you are not signed up for the Open, this workout can be pushed plenty hard to have you walking out feeling accomplished today. Friday: 17.3! We have no idea what will be released so be ready for anything! You can watch the Open announcements live on or check in on the blog later Thursday evening or Friday morning. Saturday: our hope is to get outside and play around a little bit this week with some odd objects. This workout may change pending on the weather and the workout that we see as 17.3 Have a fun and fit week!]]>