CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 4/3-4/9

Monday: time for our first strength test of the week. If you are newer to CrossFit, this will be a great day to work on technique and learn these movements. If you are an old veteran, this will be a fun day to see where you are at. Record your scores in Train Heroic to have them as a benchmark! Tuesday: back to a long warm up to start the day before moving into a sweaty workout piece. This workout will have a time cap that we hope everyone can finish underneath. Scale the reps of each movement to a number that is manageable for your skill level. Bring your jump rope and your bro tanks. Wednesday: your first piece of the day will be skill based to work on posterior chain engagement and core strength. From there, we will build into a spicy little interval workout mixing gymnastics and barbell movements. Thursday: we are going to play around with explosiveness and agility in our warm up today. If you played sports in high school, this may feel like a throw back to those days. Your workout is a long alternating EMOM combining a cardio piece and a weightlifting piece with the goal being to work up to the heaviest weight possible over the course of the EMOM. Friday: another strength testing day today! When you check the website, you may feel a little bit lost and unsure on how to tackle today’s challenge. Trust in your coaches to provide you with some structure if you are newer to this type of work. If you are more experienced, stick to what you know works for you rather than forcing yourself into something new. Saturday: long chipper team workout Saturday! You will be playing with odd objects, rare movements, and game planning with a group of people. Pack a pair of tall socks or wear pants today. Have a fun and fit week!]]>