CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/15-5/21

Monday: we will be beginning our day with skill work and mobility to prep for the rest of the day. We are working strength today in the form of a barbell complex. Tuesday: you will work your way through some glute activation drills to begin the day to get you ready for the workout of the day. We are retesting a challenging AMRAP with a heavy barbell today. The goal today is to get at least 15 rounds in so scale your weight accordingly. Wednesday: more skill work to start the day off, this time working shoulder/overhead stability and core strength. You will finish the day off with a triplet that is sure to get your heart rate up. It is meant to be fairly fast so be smart about how you scale the workout to keep you moving. Thursday: hitting your strength piece to start the day off. Working back and forth between and press and a squat. Your day will finish off with a little AMRAP involving two gymnastics pieces. Friday: over the next few weeks, we will be incorporating more muscle up development drills into our classes. Today is the day this week! You will be working on the rings at a level that will be manageable for everyone. As we move forward over the weeks, the drills will get more challenging and we may have people scaling back to previous steps if needed. Your workout for the day will be a little chipper mixing the kettle bell and body weight movements. Saturday: playing a little outside to start the day and getting our fast feet on. You will finish your week off with a long and sure to be sweaty workout, pack your running shoes! Have a fun and fit week!]]>