CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 6/5-6/11

Monday: we are getting back on our strength cycle with higher rep schemes over the next few weeks with a goal of SPEED in mind. I want your reps to look good and to be performed fast. Find a challenging weight to still maintain those parameters. You will finish your Monday off with a run and push up combo that is also intended to be quick, scale your reps accordingly. Tuesday: part of your warm up and skill work today will be a rotating EMOM to build into the workout for the day. The goal of this work is to get the heart rate up and to practice the skills we will be working later on. You will see a good amount of this in the coming weeks as a way to help us build some capacity. Your workout is a classic CrossFit triplet of a cardio movement, a gymnastics piece, and some weights. Wednesday: another skill and capacity warm up to start your day off. This piece will be more aimed at improving mobility and movement patterns, again to help with your main piece. We will be working an EMOM format today for our weightlifting with the goal to build as you go and see where we end up! Thursday: more skill work to get us moving today. It may feel a little more disjointed when placed next to the workout, but I assure you that the themes of the skill work are essential to success in the workout. Your scored piece for the day will involve a moderately heavy barbell moved through a fun little couplet. Friday: getting gymnasty to start our day off with the muscle up skill day of the week! We are taking something we do pretty often and changing up the format in a way that is intended to challenge your strength endurance. You lucky ducklings will finish off with a variation of a regional workout. Move fast and try to outrun the discomfort. Saturday: closing the week out with a massive team workout. The work can be divided any way your team would like and you can make your team as large or small as you want to match up with the challenge you want. Have a fun and fit week!]]>