CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/16/18 to 7/22/18

Monday: starting the week out with our last bit of big strength work before testing the snatch and clean & jerk on Friday. Come ready to squat heavy so your legs are feeling strong by the end of the week. We will close the day out with a variation on an old school girl workout. Bring your running shoes! Tuesday: beginning the day with skill work to strengthen the shoulders and core. We will close out the day with high reps on a mid level gymnastics skill. This workout will be all about choosing a scale that is challenging but doable for you. Wednesday: lots of mobility and power based movements for the first part of hump day. The majority of the day will be spent on a long AMRAP with the cardio machines and a light barbell. Thursday: you will begin today with strict gymnastics work. Bring your jump rope in for the second part of the day, another classic benchmark lady to test your jump rope skills. The goal of today is to get some recovery in and not beat you up too much for maxing out on Friday! Friday: Power Hour Day! All classes will be taking on the Olympic Total today, maxing out the snatch and clean & jerk. The 6pm class will be the official time of the power hour, and likely will last longer than an hour with folks sharing bars, cheering each other on, and enjoying a great environment to pick up heavy things! Saturday: ending the week with a long partner workout with rowing, running, and kettle bell work.]]>