CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/2/18 to 7/15/18

Monday: getting the week going with clean technique to prepare for the Barbell Power Hour on July 20th. We will keep working technique over the next 2 and a half weeks to put you in the best position possible to max out! Closing the day off with a quick light weight sprint that will test your grip strength and willingness to hang on. Tuesday: working in heavy squatting to start the day out before having some holiday fun. We will be partnering up for a little 7/4/1776 themed fun, pack you rump ropes! Wednesday: offering up an assortment of hero wods today and we will be posting a preview of Thursday’s workout so you can choose a workout that will leave you feeling ready for the next day. Be sure to choose a workout you can finish during the open gym time frames (9 to 11am at 922, 10 to 12pm at Monon). Thursday: spending the first portion of our day on the kettle bell for some technique review. Closing out the day with a longer AMRAP that will put our skill practice to use with some running and gymnastics sprinkled in. Friday: closing out the work week with snatch technique in a similar format to the clean from earlier in the week. Getting back to simple movements for the workout today with a quick couplet with a moderate barbell and a fast moving body weight movement. Saturday: getting a gymnastics strength in to get our day started. We will close out the week with a team workout using our new piece of equipment……the SKI ERG!! Come in to play on this new cardio piece and sweat with some friends.]]>