CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/9/18 to 7/15/18

Monday: we will start the week off with jerk footwork drills to continue our preparation for the barbel power hour on July 20th. After that skill piece, we will move into interval work with a grip taxing pair of movements. Tuesday: back to the barbell again to start the day, this time working on the clean pull and putting together the jerk overhead after Monday’s footwork practice. You will close the day out with a cardio extravaganza with some rowing and boydweight moving. Wednesday: starting today out with core conditioning with a pair of movements we do not play with too often. We will finish the day out with sprints on a movement that will be new to most athletes. Thursday: back to the barbell again to work on the snatch to get in our weekly dose of both Olympic lifts in preparation for the power hour and maxing out on July 20th. We will finish today off with unilateral work to strengthen our midlines paired with a jump rope to get the heart rate up high. Friday: ending our week with mobility first to prep the body for a fun and gymnasty workout. We will be taking on a hero workout that features some mid level, playful gymnastics skills. Saturday: ending the week with a teamwork variation on a classic girl wod. Come in for a great triplet of cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics with some friends!]]>