CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/17-7/23

Monday: your fitness today will begin with accessory work targeting the shoulders, core, and balance. The rest of the day will be a two part workout with the first portion consisting of an AMRAP and finishing off with the same work from part one for time in part two. Tuesday: today will start with a classic CrossFit triplet bringing together weightlifting and gymnastics for a spicy combination. After we get our sweat on, we will finish out with strength and mobility work involving a new movement. Wednesday: hump day will be all about getting strong. We will be lifting all day today with the goal of building weight on the bar through every set and every movement. Have some fun with it and see if you can set a PR or two! Thursday: the first portion of the day will be skill based, trying to put some finishing touches on muscle up technique to give a muscle up test a go next week. The goal today is to continue to bring you drills that will help you towards a muscle up. After our skill work, we will finish up with a cardio piece to get you a sweat before you head home! Friday: week three of Row’d Royalty plus is released today. Prepare for rowing paired with another movement and get ready to crush it. The workout will be released at 8:00pm Thursday evening. Saturday: starting Saturday out with a glute activation and explosive skill set before working into the workout of the day. You will be taking on a hero WOD today in a partner format involving a combination of weightlifting and gymnastics. Have a fun and fit week!]]>