NapTown Leadership Development Programming

Who: any NapTown member interested in furthering their knowledge of fitness, movement, and leadership. What: a program that will teach you the basics of what it takes to become a good CrossFit / SWIFT coach. You will spend 5 to 7 hours a week for 8 weeks (program is 10 Total weeks with two makeup weeks), in and out of the gym, watching classes, reading articles, and completing other assignments that will help you develop skills essential to being a leader in our NapTown community. Where: most work will be completed at CrossFit NapTown or at your own home, on your own time. You will be expected to meet with the coaching director on multiple occasions throughout the course of this program to check in on your progress and to give you the opportunity to ask questions. When: the first round of the NapTown Leadership Development Program is set to begin on Monday, May 1st and will run until Saturday, July 8th. Major Dates: Saturday April 22nd 12:00pm – Information Session Monday May 1st – Start Date Thursday June 1st 6:00-9:00pm – Full Group Training To Be Determined with your Mentor – four 20-30 minute One on One Meetings Saturday July 8th 12:00-4:00pm – Full Group Training and Graduation Date Why: Over the years, we have had many people approach us about wanting to become a coach. This program developed after years of learning what did and did not work for bringing people onto the coaching staff. We are lucky enough to be in a stage where we do not need more numbers on our staff. We would love to have more if we find the right people who are truly passionate about the position and do the job for that passion rather than the money or the title. This program is also designed for the inquisitive mind. You may have no ambition to be a coach but you want to be a leader in the community by growing your knowledge base. If that is the case, this program is also for you. If you choose to take on this endeavor, then you will develop the skills it takes to become a coach while doing work along the way that will show our team how passionate you really are about taking on a leadership role. How: send an email to with the answer to the question: why am I interested in becoming a leader in this community? The program costs $330 that will go towards some of your assignments and the time put in to develop you. You can sign up for this program via Front Desk. Spaces will be limited so sign up sooner rather than later if this program captures you attention. Cost Breakdown: $200 for the program (what you will pay on Front Desk) $130 for the CF sanctioned online courses (Scaling Course, Spot the Flaw, Judges Course) DISCLAIMERS: This is not an internship. This does not guarantee you a coaching position. This is to help you further your education. You must complete Phase 1 of the NapTown Leadership Program to move on to Phase 2 NOTE: Phase 2 applicants will be chosen from the pool of Phase 1 graduates]]>