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Bring Your Running Shoes

No Yoga Tonight! No Fundamentals Thursday night.

Beginner’s/Intro Class will still be taking place at 6pm Thursday night.

WOD 8 X 400 M Run w/ 90 second rest RECORD Each Run and Total Time for completion. Post: 3×7 Inverted hang to front lever]]>

14 thoughts on “Bring Your Running Shoes”

  1. Fastest/slowest/total
    Great job to everyone today! Coach Cantrell is already using his full coaching powers of punishment…everyone be warned!

  2. 1:25, 1:26, 1:31, 1:33, 1:37, 1:37, 1:41, 1:33, Total:22:53
    Definitely enjoyed this one and need to do it more often 😛 I’m coming for you Mike!

  3. Adam Lassetter

    Can’t believe I am going to post this but….. I would like more, track/ interval run days. Ugh hate every second of it but sure helps out the conditioning and cardio..
    Oh and
    Fastest 1:31
    Slowest 1:55
    Total 24:42

  4. 1:30/2:07 24:54 total. This was GREAT! Towards the end, I thought the side of my stomach was going to rip right off of me…you guys know the feeling! Had a guy ask me if it was worth it while I was running, I said “oh yeah” and picked up the pace! Good job 4:00 class!

  5. What an amazing form of torture! I really felt sick on the last 200 meters.
    1. 1:30
    2. 1:37
    3. 1:43
    4. 1:40
    5. 1:45
    6. 150
    7. 1:40
    8. 1:33
    Total time 23:48

  6. 1:48/1:56/1:58/1:58/1:59/1:59/2:00/2:02.
    Grand total of 25:47
    Was thinking “don’t puke on the coaches, don’t puke on the coaches” by the last one!