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June 9th is Super Busy! and Super FUN Plan it now

Today’s Workout: Push press 5-5-5-5 “Mary” 20 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible) 5 Handstand Push-ups 10 Pistols (One legged squats, alternating legs) 15 Pull-ups Post-2 minutes of Shoulder Mobility]]>

15 thoughts on “June 9th is Super Busy! and Super FUN Plan it now”

  1. 5 rounds plus 5 pistols. Big news- my head touched the Ab mat and I didn’t crush my skull! Margie 1, Fear 0. Yeah!

  2. Great job Josh and Margie!
    7 rounds Rx’d:
    Pullups still are killing my time.
    Very quiet morning session without Liz & Kim!

  3. I know that most of you are aware but… Just a friendly reminder that I will be dropping of Artie’s Paleo OnTheGo food @ 9am… I’m curious to see what happens now that the challenge is over.

  4. Today I FINALLY got the motivation (with a push from the group) to leave my red band behind on my pullups today!
    WOD_”Mary” 5 full rounds + 6 pullups
    Scaled to 25#plate and ab mat for HSPU; pistols from the ground; and 10 pullups each round.
    I am so happy to have completed 56 pullups without a band! However, I did bust open my hand on the last round. Oh well. I am still pumped. Happy Monday to All!

    1. Way to go Merritt!
      I think you’ve had that in you for a while, so I’m glad to hear you busted it out! I feel your pain with the torn hand…Fran bit me, so I had to play with my grip a whole lot this morning on the pull-ups.
      Great job!

      1. Thank you Josh! I will miss my band for sure, but I know I will never get stronger if I don’t push myself everyday. I look forward to meeting up with Fran again soon- this time RX’d with those pullups!
        Thank you to Rachel too! Congrats for moving to the red band too! You will soon be joining me in the no-band team! And on another note- we must get together for yoga again soon!!!

  5. merritt!!!! i am SO PROUD OF YOU, and josh is right…long time coming on that move.
    found out today that pistols aren’t so bad when you can grab your toes!
    9 rounds + 5 pistols
    (red banded pull-ups…but not for long!)

  6. From Islamorada!
    5 Rounds + 8 pistols ea
    Equipment at hotel pretty rough . Pull-Ups were strict, no room to kip.
    Miss you guys!! See you soon!

  7. 7 rounds plus 4 HSPU (Scaling: HSPU – 25# & 15# plates plus ab mat, Pistols – 20″ box, and PU – Blue Band)

  8. 7 rds = 5 HSPU
    w/red bad for PU
    15lb plate + abmat for HSPU
    16″ box for 1 legged squat

  9. 7 rounds + 4 pistols
    20″ box + ab mat/45# weight HSPU (too easy, scale up next time); 20″ box for pistols; green band pull-ups

  10. Worked up to 85# push press.
    5 rounds – 5 pull ups
    (24″ box with ab mat, 20″ box for pistols, blue/green banded pull ups)