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Congrats to Moises and Jarrett: Skill day or Make up day, or work on your "suck" list day

Congratulations to Assistant Coach Jared “Moises” Cantrell and Jarrett “No more Mud” Newby Moises placed 5th overall in the Holiday Throw Down Series. Remember the awful 12 days of Christmas WOD we did? Well he finished 5th place in the WORLD! See the entire leader board here: http://www.throwdownseries.com/                   Jarrett finished 15th place in the WORLD’s TOUGHEST Mudder a 24 hour endurance obstacle race last weekend. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoaCIf94NtUZdDZzY0xzTzJ5Tm5EOXA1dEtEU2pFR0E&hl=en_US#gid=0 http://muddernation.com/profiles/blogs/world-s-toughest-mudder-final-times ]]>

3 thoughts on “Congrats to Moises and Jarrett: Skill day or Make up day, or work on your "suck" list day”

  1. Great party last night! Was nice to see some new faces, meet up in a different setting and learn more about the people we all hurt with!
    Made up Wednesday’s WOD this morning. (Scaled to 75# to work on form)
    I made it through 27 OHS. Very frustrating to not get those last 3, but now I have a good goal if we do this one again!

  2. I will be making up Tuesday’s WOD tonight. If anyone is interested in a little more handstand pushup action I invite you to join me at my usual 6:30!
    I enjoyed everyone’s company at the holiday gathering yesterday! I feel lucky to be part of such a fun and friendly group!