Yoga Pose & Focus : 10/4-10/10

“When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite [positive] ones should be thought of.” -Yoga Sutra 2.33, Swami Satchidananda translation

Theme: Pratikpaksha Bhavana
Pratikpaksha Bhavana teaches us to cultivate the opposite, specifically to think positive thoughts when we are in a negative state. This simple and profound lesson is a game changer. While it could be marked as toxic positivity, cultivating the opposite allows for the mind to transition from the mire to the light.

Flow Pose: Navasana
Working on this powerful core pose this week! See if you can find yourself thinking positive thoughts in a challenging pose and keeping your focus on what a strong core can do for you rather than worrying about what your middle looks like.

Restorative/Yin Pose: Supported Dragon
Many of us hold a lot of tension and stress in our hips, take the time to open them up this week and notice what comes up in the process.

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