Yoga Pose & Focus : 9/20-9/26

“We start with gifts. Merit comes from what we make of them.” -Jean Toomer

Theme: Punya
Punya is merit. I heard Chani Nicholas say recently that we are all born with gifts, but it is up to us to hold ourselves accountable to using them appropriately in the world. I LOVE that. I don’t believe just because you can do anything, you should, however when something is a true gift- it’s clear it’s there for a reason and I do feel we are bound to share it in some capacity. When we use our gifts well, we accrue good karma… at least, that’s what I’ve heard :). Where punya comes in is that part of either sitting on your laurels or building merit and skill by putting them to actionable use.

Flow Pose: Vashistasana
Get into some side strengthening with us this week! This pose is beautiful and classic which can sometimes appear boring, try playing with it in a new way or upping the difficulty to get something new out of this posture.

Restorative/Yin Pose: Cat Tail
This pose is a delicious combination of stretching, sinking, and twisting. Use props to help you find the best version for YOU to feel stretched and softened.

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