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Lauren A.

“Myriad’s programming options fit the need of our family on any given day. When I’m feeling ready to lift heavy things, I can attend Strength and Fitness class. If I do not have a full hour, I can hop into a SWIFT class. If I need to balance my mind and body, I can go to a yoga class.

Plus, I’m not just limited to classes for myself – I can bring my son along and he gets to burn up energy with Myriad Kids, while I get to enjoy a class!”

Parisa M.

“Over the years at Myriad, I have learned about myself, stayed fit through graduate school and residency, and made incredible connections with folks in our Indy community. I have truly enjoyed the variability of excellent programming and the accountability that comes with group fitness classes.

The staff is dedicated to each member’s success and safety, while creating a welcoming space for all to grow in fitness. Myriad CrossFit has given me strength, confidence, friendship, and a chosen family, and I’m grateful to be a part of the Myriad community!”

Dwayne P.

“This is THE one stop shop for wellness, fitness and nutrition. Expert in all of these areas, the staff at Myriad is is superb for knowledge, energy, technique, etc… The gym is large with marked 10×10 spaces for proper social distancing with all of the right equipment.

But most importantly – there is a feeling of community and inclusion – egos are checked at the door [along with your temperature 🙂 ]. Regardless of your goals, your age, or what shape your are in – there is a program, a friend, and just a healthy vibe at Myriad!”



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