high-intensity group fitness that refines complex skills, builds strength + confidence

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Why CrossFit?

CrossFit offers constantly varied, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. These classes provide you a general physical preparedness in all things (think zombie apocalypse!) Longer class lengths means time for complex skill + strength development with direct coaching. A group experience provides motivation as we challenge + cheer each other on. 

Looking to get started for the first time? CLICK HERE to learn more about our upcoming group foundations: Ramp Up to CrossFit! Begins 08.05.24.

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60-minute classes that get you working harder + longer.

Time to build max strength.

Opportunity to compete + track your PRs.

Qualified Coaches

Coach-led from start to finish, including warm-ups.

Instruction-heavy coaching that keeps you injury-free.

Engaging coaches who help you refine skills.


Dumbbell, Kettlebell + Barbell Movement

Bodyweight movement + accessory work

Cardio (running, rowing, biking)

Gymnastics skills (pull-ups, handstands


Modifications for every range of fitness.

Challenging when you want it, scalable when you don’t.

Coaches that encourage but never force.

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Visiting Indy? At Myriad, we love getting visitors from out of town. Whether you’re dropping in for a single CrossFit session or are sticking around for a couple of days, you’re more than welcome at our gym. Click below to let us know you are dropping in.

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