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Why Weightlifting?

Weightlifting offers an athletic experience as you learn to train for olympic weightlifting through this progressive system. Our coach-led sessions instruct you how to move + perform to your highest efficiency, while individual programming caters to your specific goals. Our expert head Coach, Dan German, is a USAW Level 2 National Coach with over 15+ years of coaching in the health + fitness industry, and a sense of humor to match. A group atmosphere provides motivation as we train side by side + cheer each other on.


Develop highly technical skills: clean + jerk plus snatch.

Set challenging goals + hit targets.

Learn a process-oriented sport engaging strength + focus.

Opportunity to compete with a team.

Certified coaches

USAW Certified Coaches

Coach-led sessions with individualized instruction.

Engaging coaches who help you refine skills + personalize programming.


Train with a team.

Group atmosphere that motivates, supports + celebrates success.

Self-paced training in a conversational setting.


Individualized programming specific to you.

Opportunity to compete at any age + any level.

Flexibility to train during coach-led sessions or open gym.

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