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Myriad Health + Fitness community during CrossFit Intramural Open
Our Story

Myriad Health + Fitness

Hi, we’re Myriad! We got our humble start in 2011 as downtown Indy’s original CrossFit affiliate, known at the time as CrossFit NapTown. We’ve grown over the years to offer multiple platforms to meet your health + fitness goals including group classes, personal training, nutrition, yoga + more!

Our gym + yoga studios are located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis in the recently renovated Stutz building. . You can find us right on the corner of Senate Ave and 11th Street, sharing the block with several well-loved + local shops, bakeries, and restaurants.

Our specialties include our professional coaching, intentional programming + small-gym community feel. At Myriad, you’ll never be just another individual in the crowd. We meet our members where they’re at + provide evolving solutions for their unique + ever-changing health goals.


Myriad Health + Fitness celebrates the unique stories + worth of every human being, and is committed to providing community members + visiting athletes with a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment. Oppression of any kind is simply not tolerated within our walls.

The CrossFit industry is notorious for looking past diversity, equity, and inclusion. Admittedly, we as Myriad have not used our platform to disrupt this behavior, and we have been both complacent + comfortable in the way we do things as a business. We recognize that in order to create + support meaningful lasting change in our industry, and in our communities, we need to first demand change within our own programs.

In April of 2021, the Myriad Health + Fitness DEI Committee was established. Since then, we have been challenged by our participating staff + members to be better. While difficult conversations have happened + will continue to happen, we are excited about the future. We are committed to seeking guidance from both inside + outside of our organization to ensure that we no longer fall short of what our members deserve.

We hope our members + followers feel empowered + inspired by the implementation of our DEI Committee’s action plan. We want to be a positive example for others in the CrossFit space that have been afraid to speak up for what’s right, showing that together, our actions are louder!

Myriad Coaches

Jared Byczko coach + owner at Myriad Health + Fitness

Owner, Founder + Coach

Coaching since 2011: CF-L1, CF-L2, CF-L3 Certified Trainer, CF Endurance, CF Kids, RKC Kettlebell Certified

Jared is the coach who can see the potential in each individual + connect with people. There is a small window of opportunity while coaching that he can “feel” how an athlete is reacting to a workout or to his coaching cues. Jared’s empathy with the athlete creates a feeling of being seen + recognized, building a bond of trust. He truly cares about the individual’s progress + their health. Given the choice, Jared could run over any other movement. Fun fact: Jared went to the CrossFit Games in 2014 as a competitor on CrossFit NapTown’s team. They finished 33rd worldwide!

Anna Rode Coach at Myriad Health + Fitness

Anna Rode

Coach + Fitness Program Coordinator

Coaching since 2012: CF-L1, CF-L2, CF-L3 Certified Trainer, CF Gymnastics, CF Endurance, 200-HR RYT

Basically a scholar of CrossFit, Anna has been involved in CrossFit since 2006 when she was 13 years old, providing her with a rich knowledge + history of the program that inspires her coaching. A jack of all trades, she has been a collegiate soccer player, competitive weightlifter + yoga teacher, allowing her to bring in a wide range of perspectives + understanding of people’s goals into her coaching. Anna is rather fond of the snatch when it comes to personal lifting. Fun fact: Her favorite movies are Pride + Prejudice (2005 version) and Monty Python + the Holy Grail.

Stephen Purpura coach at Myriad Health + Fitness

Stephen Purpura


Coaching since 2016: CF-L1, USAW L1, TRX L1, BS Kinesiology/ Exercise Science

When looking for an encouraging + friendly coach, there is no match to Stephen. A champion of the people, Stephen strives to create welcoming classes + environments where individuals feel comfortable + confident in body connection + movement. His goal is for each person to have an individual experience in class + honor what their body needs any given day. Always looking for variety, Stephen loves barbell Deadlifts + back squats. Oh but also running + kettlebell swings! Fun fact: Stephen loves cooking. His favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry/coffee-mmmm!

Richie Todd coach at Myriad Health + Fitness

Richie Todd


Coaching since 2019: CF-L1, CF-L2, Karate 5th Degree Black Belt

With a keen eye for movement + detail, and a passion for building strength, Richie is the coach that will motivate you to move your best while working your hardest. Whenever you hear the little voice in your head saying “I should be doing more weight,” it may actually be Richie. Don’t let these determined qualities fool you though – he’s never short of laughs + opportunities to joke around. Richie encourages members to do their best because he cares about the ability to move well, have a great time at the gym + to live a long, happy life. Richie loves squatting + jumping and he is very adept at both. He has been known to jump up to some pretty daring heights. Fun Fact: Anytime he gets the chance, he loves to be out in the canoe.

Blair Agan coach at Myriad Health + Fitness

Blair Agan


Coaching since 2016: CF-L1, CF-L2, CF-L3, Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, Certified Athletic Truth Group Coach

Blair’s sincere + engaging coaching style is sure to bring you a personal + fun fitness experience to your day. Blair is absolutely efficient. He recognizes that you likely only get to use your energy once a day in the gym, and he wants to make it as effective as possible. Blair still believes in having fun though! He works to make every workout as personal to the individual as possible, and may add in the occasional joke or comradery moment along the way. For Blair, any type of squatting movement is the go-to. Fun Fact: Blair’s first love was Queen Marie Antoinette – a jet-black Takamine acoustic guitar.

Dan German weightlifting coach + program coordinator at Myriad Health + Fitness

Daniel German

Coach + Weightlifting Program Coordinator

Coaching since 2007: Masters of Science in Pedagogy, USAW Level 2 National Coach

Our exercise facts, figures + trivia buff, Dan is never short of little-known fitness knowledge + hot-takes on most topics. Dan’s level of experience, adept training knowledge + results-focused approach make him top notch in coaching. He’s not all business though. Dan knows how to be funny + keep things light – he makes every athlete that walks into his space feel seen + at home. His personal favorite lift? The snatch! Fun Fact: Dan achieved Second Place in the Fifth Grade Science Fair. Apparently there is a story behind that, you’ll just have to ask him to find out!

Marta Gruber coach at Myriad Health + Fitness

Marta Gruber

Yoga Teacher, Coach + Yoga Program Coordinator

Teaching since 2020: 200-HR RYT, Aerial Certified, CF-L1

Marta’s down-to-earth, genuine approach to teaching + peopling brings a sense of grounded confidence to anyone who has the pleasure of sharing their company. With over 18 years of experience practicing yoga, her whimsical sense of humor + vast knowledge of yoga is woven into each class she teaches, creating the ability for students to joyfully discover connections between poses, other students, and the community around them. They love the goddess squat for its power to spark creativity – and you can also often catch them in a handstand when in between projects, or powering through deadlifts in CrossFit. Fun Fact: Anytime you want to nerd out about gardening + native plants, Marta’s your pal!

Robin Briskey Coach at Myriad Health + Fitness

Robin Briskey

Yoga Teacher + Coach

Teaching since 2021: 200-HR RYT, CF-L1

As rockin’ as the Robin in the song, their classes offer a steady beat + rhythm for your day. Robin inspires a calm, welcoming energy, with a touch of joyful flair. They encourage students to check in with their bodies’ needs + to adapt movements/poses to ensure their practice is safe + beneficial to them. In line with this calm presence, Robin will never say no to a savasana pose (reclined rest). Fun fact: Robin believes that Brandi Carlisle is the absolute best.

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