Authentic Yoga for Every Body

You’ll love our robust schedule and refreshing “You-Do-You” approach to yoga!

A consistent yoga practice is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Whether you're a brand-new beginner or a seasoned pro, we have classes for you!

Feeling low on energy? Need a good stretch? Try our Restore or Stretch classes. Need to get lost in breath and movement while also getting a solid sweat in? Our Flow classes are just what you need! Craving a deep dive in to theory and higher-level asana practice? Sadhana is the perfect fit. Eager to try something new? Don’t miss our aerial yoga classes!

Be Your Best Self

Yoga's benefits are endless - a regular practice can help with stress management, elevating your overall mood, and cultivating a deeper connection to yourself and the community around you. We hear time and time again that yoga "makes me a better person!"

Do YOUR Yoga

Our certified teachers are experts at offering modifications and alternatives throughout class as needed, and they're never going to judge you for taking a few extra restful breaths in child's pose. While we do have a peak pose and theme we'll focus on each week, we're here for you getting what you want and need out of your practice!

Elevate Your Training

Whether you're looking to strengthen secondary muscles, increase mobility, or get a good stretch in, we firmly believe that athletes in training benefit significantly from adding regular yoga practice to their regimen.

Expand Your Knowledge

Our 200-HR and 300-HR Yoga Teacher Trainings are just the beginning of our growth offerings - whether it's through community book clubs, our Yoga Nerd Out sessions, or Specialty Workshops, we are always eager to learn alongside you.