2011 Sectional WOD #1

The 2012 CrossFit Games Open begins February 22nd.  That may seem a lifetime away but in reality, it is not!  For the next 5 Weeks we will be doing the 2011 Sectional Open workouts in order to prepare ourselves for the Sectional Open as well as to introduce what to expect when the competition begins.  For more information on the 2012 Games… CLICK HERE. (Our hopes are to have as many members sign up to compete as possible.  During the 2012 Sectional Open, we plan to hold that week’s workout on Saturday mornings/afternoons to create a positive, competitive atmosphere to bring out the best in each of us.  The more involved, the better!) Stage One: The OpenThe Games season will begin with the Open, a worldwide online competition with one workout per week. The Open will run for five weeks, from February 22 to March 25. Anyone can compete in the Open, regardless of fitness level or experience. More than 26,000 athletes from around the world took part in the 2011 season, and 2012 promises to be even larger. In order to participate in the Open, athletes can do the workouts at their local affiliate or film their attempt from their garage gym. All scores and videos are then submitted to the Open website, which allows athletes to track how they match up with athletes in their region and around the world. Athletes can choose to compete in three categories: Individual, Team, or Masters. Individual athletes and teams that perform the best across the five Open workouts will earn a chance to compete at the second stage of the Games, the Regionals. Masters athletes (beginning at 45-years-old and older) will compete to be among the fittest athletes in their respective age division. The top Masters will earn an automatic spot at the Games in July.”   Snatch Technique


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of: 30 Double-unders 15 Power snatches (75lbs / 55lbs)

POST- 3×10 GHD Situps
Double-under This is a standard double-under in which the rope passes twice for each jump. Only successful jumps are counted, not just attempts. Power snatch This power snatch is really a “ground to overhead anyhow.” The key point is the range of motion between the start and end points. For a barbell loaded with full sized plates, the bottom is when the plates touch the ground. For a barbell loaded with smaller plates, the bottom is when the barbell passes fully below the knee cap. The overhead position is when knees and hips are fully extended, arms are locked out overhead and the bar is over or behind the heels. Make sure to come to full extension on every rep.

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