Counting Reps Wednesdays

Today’s Workout:

10 minutes of skill work or 3 rounds NOT FOR TIME! ***if you do not know how to Snatch you will be learning this at this time** 6 handstand push ups 1 rope climb *** rope climbs will not be taught today (sub 3 strict pull ups for 1 rope climb) 6 box jumps 33/27 (add a 45lb plate to a 30in or 24in box)

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.1

10 min amrap 30 double unders 15 power snatch (75/55)

Archive: November 30th, 2011 Post: If time permits and on your own; 3 attempts to get max distance in 10 pulls on rower about 1 min rest between sets]]>

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