CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/20/19-5/26/19

Monday: starting off our week with a bit of Olympic lifting work to get some strength in for the day and prep for our benchmark of the week. We will be testing a classic benchmark lady with a little barbell and gymnastics fun! Tuesday: getting our accessory work in to start the day off focusing on fast twitch, explosive power and glutes and core work. We will move into a heavy barbell workout with a bit of cardio thrown in for a fun triplet. Wednesday: the first piece of our day will be an EMOM of bodyweight work to give you a last bit of volume prep before Murph on Memorial Day. Your workout will be a cardio bonanza with a bit of rest mixed in to keep your intensity up. Thursday: more strength work to start the day off, this time working on the snatch. Whether you love or hate the movement, it is a good day to come in and get practice! We will close out the day with fast intervals in the form of odd object dumbbell work. Friday: closing the week out with heavy squat variations. We will finish the day out with quick sprints with long rest intervals for maximum intensity. Saturday: getting the weekend going with a long partner workout full of high rep movements to work through with a buddy. Have a fun and fit week!]]>

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