CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/29-6/4

Monday: with Memorial Day open gym, we will have a series of hero workouts for you to choose from. There will not be a scheduled class time but there will be a general warm up on the board to give you some ideas. Give yourself enough time to get a warm up, workout, and clean up in before the open gym times are up! Tuesday: after a long weekend, we will be easing our way into the start of the week with a bit of core work before our wod. Our goal today will be to get as heavy as possible with a barbell complex. Wednesday: our hope today is to get outside with some an adventure towards a park or the Monon! Your timed fitness will be a couplet of bodyweight movements that can be done outside but we may have to move indoors depending on the weather. Thursday: starting the day off with our muscle up skill work, focusing today on the transition and false grip. Your workout will be a mental challenge in pushing for big sets. Scale the movement or total reps to help YOU be successful on this workout. Friday: hitting up strength work to start our day. We will finish the day out with a fast couplet mixing the barbell and some bodyweight work. Saturday: finishing our week out with a benchmark workout. Get your scores written down for this so we can see where we have grown! Have a fun and fit week!]]>

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