Paleo Challenge Begins Today

For those who missed the CrossFit NapTown Paleo Challenge Kickoff Meeting, we will be testing and measuring during class today. All measurements and weight will be taken before the workout so please be patient as the structure of classes may vary.

All members are welcome to join in on the challenge as it is free to participate. You have until 7:30pm Monday evening to confirm with a coach via verbal acknowledgment or email to join. (

Invite friends and family to join as well to help encourage your progress and support you through the ups and downs. For rules and regulations please click here…

CFNT Paleo Handbook

You can find the Paleo Blog under the “Blog” tab on the front page of  Post comments and blog at minimum 4 times per week to be eligible for prizes.

CFNT Paleo Blog Link

  WOD 1 Max Pull-Ups (in one set) Rules: You have two chances to get as many pullups in one unbroken set as possible. If you use a band or assistance of any sorts, be sure to record this as we will be re-testing this movement at the end of the Paleo Challenge come Thursday, February 2nd. WOD 2 10 Min Amrap 5 Burpees 10 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1) 15 Box Jumps (24/20) Rules: DO NOT SANDBAG!!! The Paleo Challenge is for your benefit. Push yourself as hard as you can during this WOD as we will again be re-testing on Thursday, February 2nd to track members progress. Learn More about the Paleolithic Diet Paleolithic Diet Explained Learn more about the Paleo Diet.]]>

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