Paleo Challenge Weigh-Ins/Measurements & Yoga Wednesday

The Paleo Challenge ends this Wednesday, May 16th.

What does that mean?

Come in Wednesday prepared to do the following:

1) Be Rested for the Post Paleo Strength (push ups and situps) and MetCon (Fran).

2) Wear the same outfit/shoes you had on for the Weigh In.

3) Be prepared to take “After” Pictures with appropriate clothing. (Men- Shorts, Women- Swimsuit or Sports Bra)

4) Be prepared for hip/waist ratio measurements.

5) Be intelligent if you choose to incorporate processed foods back into your diet following the challenge.  (More on that in a future article)

[caption id="attachment_3071" align="aligncenter" width="592" caption="Couldn't Be More Proud of all the Support we Received in Columbus this past Weekend. Thank You All!!!"][/caption] Today’s Workout Power Clean Technique WOD 20 EMOTM (Every Minute on the Minute) 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Power Clean (Moving up in weight if you are ok’ed by a Coach and technique is still good) POST: 8 Turkish Get Ups

YOGA is back this Wednesday Night @7pm – Please email for more info 15 spots available! Limited number of spots available. 


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