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Two Ways your CrossFit Open score can be Validated at CrossFit NapTown. 1) Email Coach Peter or Jared and set up a time outside of class hours to come in and complete the workout or email beforehand to see if it is ok to do so during a class. Reason being that we, as an Affiliate, must validate each and every score that we send to CrossFit Headquarters and if Peter or myself do not see the entire workout of an individual we cannot safely validate that score. 2) We cannot validate during class times unless previously approved because we must focus on the class at hand. We DO ENCOURAGE people to give the WOD a trial run on Thursdays but its not official unless approved by Coach Peter or Jared (unless you make prior arrangements to have one of them judge you at that time). 3) Email Coach Jared to enter a competitive heat during the 12pm-2pm time frame. This will be your best bet and most convenient for all.

Tentative Heat Schedule for Saturday 12:00pm- Eileen C., Christy S., Merritt E., Megan T. 12:20pm – Dana L., Jen B., Elyse M. 12:40pm – David C., Adam L., Andrew B., Dave P. 1:00pm – Mike L., Mike W., George Lewis, Drew C. 1:20pm – Kevin Allen, Jacob Schlegel, Peter B. 1:40pm – Jared Cantrell, Jason Vanoskey, Jared B.

      Today’s Workout Back Squat 3×3 @82%  (Same Weight for all sets -work your way up to that weight) WOD “Elizabeth” –Happy Birthday– 21-15-9 reps of: Squat Clean (135/95) Ring dips POST- Hip Extensions 2×8 Also Note: When you do complete the Open WODS it is your responsibility to go to the website to submit your score which is then sent to me to Validate and confirm.]]>

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