“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #10

Episode #10 – How to Incorporate Yoga into Your Fitness Routine?

Anna and Marta talk all things Yoga.
Often, people find us at Myriad Yoga looking to improve mobility, to get stronger, or to get out of their heads! #stress
When it comes to figuring out what class to take, Marta suggests you start with better understanding what your goal is for that day?

Are you super tight and sore from a CrossFit class? Then join us for a Stretch class.
Stretch is defined as… A great class to work on your flexibility + recovery, for both yoga students + athletes. This class is slower-paced — focused on mobility + stretching, expect to hold poses for (2-3) minutes at a time, similar to a yin-yoga class.

Are you stressed out and needing something to reenergize you? Then join us for a Restore class.
Restore is defined as… This heavily-propped practice features postures focused on resting, recovering + mindful breathing. Prepare to hold a small sequence of gentle poses for (5-7) minutes at a time, in a restorative yoga style.

Yoga classes are named different things for different reasons, so visiting the Myriad Yoga website to better understand the class structures is super important. Outside of Stretch and Restore mentioned above, we also have Align, Flow, and Aerial classes.

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