YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 01.15.24 – 01.21.24

“Inside every seed is the potential for an incredible harvest.” –Farrah Gray

Weekly Focus: Bija — seed

Bija is the origin of all things. A seed of creation. While seeds are small, their greatness expands many times their original size. In what ways are you planting seeds that will become expansive? Let’s get more tangible this week. A seed — we are all familiar. Plant the seed, nurture it, watch it grow. Have you ever seen the seed for a carrot? It is SO SMALL I honestly have a hard time handling it. But what it becomes — a carrot — is like, I don’t know, a million times the size of the seed. Consider each idea or intention you have as a seed. Sometimes, they can be tricky to conceptualize, because they are so small, but when we take time to nurture, to engage with, and intentionally work towards something, it can grow into a very powerful plant indeed. The key is not forgetting or ignoring it, we do have to stick with it. Consider your own Self like the seed — what happens when you nurture the Self — in all your infinite possibility?

Passive Pose: Parsva Garbasana — fetal pose

Allow yourself to be metaphorically reborn with more expanse. Come to lay on your side in a fetal position. Bend and stack the knees and support the head with one arm. This pose can be very restorative to help calm the nervous system and de-stress. To offer yourself more support to linger here, try propping the head and neck with a thick stack of bath towels or thick blankets. You can then bring a rolled towel or blanket between the knees, or if you have one, a skinny bolster. I would even recommend covering up well with a blanket. The hardest part is trying not to fall asleep! As you close your eyes focus on counting out your inhales and exhales, to a count of 4, 5 or even 6 — depending on what feels safe and comfortable to you. Try lying here for about 3 minutes with a steady, even breath, before rolling to your second side and repeating.

Active Pose: Parivritta Utkatasana — revolved chair pose

Search for space to root your auspicious seeds of intention. Come to stand in mountain pose, with a comfortable steady stance. Bring a block between your upper thighs and squeeze the block strongly. Bend the knees and drop the hips as if sitting in a chair. Bring your hands to your heart and turn your chest to your right. If you feel like there is more room to twist, try dropping your hips lower, as you lean the upper body forward. Your left elbow. may come to touch the right knee, or even press to the outside of the knee. The more compression you can find in your belly, and the lower your hips, the more room you will have to twist. Remember to breathe here as you fold for about three breaths.