“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #16

Episode #16 – Family MOVE Class

Jared and Anna are here to share another awesome addition to the 2024 calendar. The quarterly Family MOVE class is an inclusive class for all ages. Our first principle will be SAFETY for all participating, but a close second will be FUN!!!

The first Family MOVE class of 2024 will be on Sunday, January 28th at 11am.
The official description: this class is meant to be casual + fun with no pressure to perform or compete. Family MOVE is a great way to enjoy playful time with your kids and teach them that exercise and fitness can, and should be, FUN!!!

This class is designed for kids of all ages. Do you have a…
Toddler or baby? Great, they will be your weight for the day!!!
Little kiddo? Excellent. Help guide them through the exercises in a more playful fashion.
Older kid or teen? Perfect. Just simply workout side by side with them!

This is a judgement free class where it is OK for your baby to cry and for your kid to be loud!
This is FREE for all Myriad members.
A small fee applies for non-members. Email us at info@myriadfit.com to register.

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