300-200-100 Class Clubs

“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #27

In 2021, we started a new tradition at Myriad by introducing our 300-200-100 Class Clubs. It’s been a fun way to hold members accountable to their goals of getting into our Myriad Fitness & Myriad Yoga classes more consistently.

In this episode, Anna and Jared spend some time sharing the history about our Class Clubs, why this didn’t start earlier, and how we encourage members to achieve these goals in healthy ways.

By the way, we can do math 🙂

300 = 25 classes per month.
200 = 16.66 classes per month.
100 = 8.33 classes per month.

Will we see you in the 300-200-100 Club in 2024 or beyond? If this is a goal of yours, shoot us a message or comment below and we will be sure to hold you accountable!

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