“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #17

Episode #17 – MyoFit Mobility & Therapy – Evaluations @ Myriad

Jared is joined by Sara Richardson, the owner of MyoFit Mobility & Therapy. Sara has been a member at Myriad for more than 11 years and started MyoFit Mobility & Therapy in 2014. As an athletic trainer, Sara saw a gap in the healthcare system in which recreational athletes weren’t being taken care of. You either went to a doctor or you were written a referral to see a physical therapist. What do you do if you are the weekend warrior running the outdoor trails or a local CrossFit athlete needing some TLC? MyoFit is the answer!

In their own words… (from the MyoFit Website)
“Myo-Fit Mobility & Therapy brings the profession of athletic training to the recreational athlete. Our skills and expertise can benefit anyone, not just athletes who participate in sports. The range of our knowledge and skills make us the perfect line of defense when an injury or pain occurs. Or even better, to help prevent an injury!”

Good news! If you are a Myriad member, you can now see MyoFit free of charge for an introductory visit at Myriad. Starting in February, MyoFit will be onsite at the fitness building from 4-6p every first Monday of the month. If you’ve had a nagging injury or some weak spot that you’d like a professional opinion on, this is your chance.
Myriad members can sign up here to book their Free Injury Evaluation with MyoFit.
Monday, February 5th will be the first date in which MyoFit team members will be onsite.

Injury Evaluation: to provide an evaluation of pain or injury. We will provide the recommended next steps to provide the best outcome. That may be to have treatment with us or a referral to another provider for further evaluation and treatment.

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