We are so excited to share this BRAND NEW monthly class offering with Myriad Yoga — Full Moon Reflections + Yoga! Enjoy an evening class in community to peak into the window of opportunity provided by the full moon. Allow her radiance to help you manifest your deepest intentions and aspirations.

Join Stephanie Schroeder this April for a transformative yoga journey back to yourself, guided by full moon reflections paired with breath practices, movement, and self-reflection. These practices aim to still the racing thoughts of the mind, while building strength, flexibility, and vitality in heart, body, mind.  Allow lunar energy to shed layers of winter, ground into self-empowerment and passionate pursuits as peak spring arrives.

Connecting to the feminine quality of the full moon, continue shedding layers of debris stuck in your being so that you can truly transform. The  fullness of the moon illuminates the path ahead to align yourself more fully with your authenticity.  When you release stuck energy you are more fully available to blossom into what and who you are meant to be moving forward. Embrace the energy of the changing season to stand in your truth, feel more deeply your passions, and stand in your power.  As the land becomes more fertile so do the energies of growth, self-empowerment & passion. Step into peak self at peak spring, and Embody Your Empowerment.

Full Moon Reflections is a 75-minute class to honor and absorb the energies of the full moon. This monthly class holds space for you to tune in and realign with your intentions from a place of grace and mindfulness. Enjoy 45-minutes of moon salutations and flow framed by time to reflect and meditate. With a different teacher each month, your experience will change season to season, always allowing for variety and unique perspective. SIGN UP HERE


Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time: 7:30 – 8:45 pm

Where: 1060 N. Capitol Ave. Suite 4-108

Who: All are welcome!

Investment: FREE / Members; $25 / drop-ins


Please read through our cancellation policy prior to booking. Thank you!